The Lang Awa’ Ships (2017)

AVAILABLE NOW, the latest CD from Chambless & Muse includes 13 songs from Scotland, England, and America and features guest musicians Nick Watson (percussion), Bob Wray (bass), John Taylor (fiddle), and Jim Malcolm (harmonica).

CD Notes The Lang Awa’ Ships

“This is a magnificent collection of songs, perfectly executed by two very talented professionals who know what they’re doing, and this CD should be in the collection of every serious folk lover, and on the playlist of every folk DJ and program director.” – Seamus Kennedy, singer, guitarist, songwriter, performer, and yodeler!

Live @ NTIF (2016)

Live @ NTIF coverThe Ed Miller Band without Ed Miller.  We’re sorry Ed was sick, but happy to have this live CD!

“For anyone who wants to experience the excitement of the North Texas Irish Festival…this CD is a must-have.” – Gordon McLeod, Ceili, July-August 2016


Passing Tales & Glories (2014)

PTG Front cover

Jil Chambless (vocals, flute), Scooter Muse (guitars, banjo), Jason Bailey (mandolins), Rich Brotherton (cittern), Daniel Carwile (fiddle, bouzouki), EJ Jones (great highland pipes), Lorne MacDougall (smallpipes), Ed Miller (vocals), John Taylor (fiddle), N C Thurman (Keys), Nick Watson (percussion), Bob Wray (bass).

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“I never tire of listening to Jil Chambless sing. Her extraordinary voice and passion create an atmosphere where each song becomes something very special.  As if that weren’t enough, Jil is also an extremely talented flute player.  Her partner, Scooter Muse, is a creative, versatile and inventive guitar player.  Using various alternative tunings, his chord voicings and embellishments serve as a wonderful accompaniment to Jil’s singing.  With carefully chosen songs and top-notch musicians Jil and Scooter have truly crafted a “must have” CD for your collection.”  – Alex Beaton

“Jil’s sweet and smooth alto along with her tasteful and skilled flute playing bring all the songs on this recording to vivid reality.  You rarely hear the word “tasteful” applied to banjo-pickers, but on this CD, Scooter’s banjo playing is not of the out front, in your face, hot licks, look-at-me variety, but of the kind that enhances the song.  However, it’s his guitar styling which underpins all the songs on this fine album…All in all, a wonderful recording from a supremely talented duo, and tastefully backed by a gifted ensemble of musicians. Do yourself a favour: pour a glass of your favorite single malt, sit in a comfy chair, put this CD on your stereo, relax and allow yourself to be transported by the music of Jil Chambless and Scooter Muse.”Seamus Kennedy, singer, guitarist, songwriter, performer, and yodeler!


The Laverock Sang (2011)

“Great voice!  Great guitar!  I love it!!”Brian McNeill, multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter

“…vocal excellence…outstanding instrumentation…quite simply as good as it gets!” – Alex McKinven, Mull of Kintyre Music & Arts Association, Scotland

“Exquisite vocals, oh-so-tasteful guitar, and a lilting flute – a deceptively simple, beautiful, and gentle combination.”Ed Miller, singer, folklorist, and radio host

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The Ladies Go Dancing (2009)

Jil is accompanied here by Brian McNeill on fiddle, concertina, bouzouki, guitar, and mandocello; Scooter Muse on guitar and banjo; and Lorne MacDougall on highland pipes and Scottish small pipes.


 “Little did I ever think that one of the best singers of Scots and Irish songs I know would hail from Tuscaloosa, Alabama., but that is the case with Jil Chambless. Her vocal talents were obvious when I first met her in 1995 at the Swannanoa Gathering in North Carolina, and it’s been a huge pleasure to watch her blossom and graduate from fine harmony singer to front stage. My congratulations to her, and to Brian for bringing out her best on this thoroughly enjoyable CD!” – Ed Miller, Scottish recording artist, folklorist, and radio host

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